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Appearance Wood Products


Advanced Technologies to Improve Penetration of Wood Treatments New
Appearance of the Glue Line with Waterborne Coatings New
Assessing Preferences for Wood Characteristics in Visual Applications Completed
Assessment of Heat-Treated Jack Pine and Balsam Fir Completed
Characterizing White Birch for Increased and Optimized Use Completed
Colour stability of in-service wood Completed
Comparative Analysis of European and North American Wood Windows Completed
Consumer preferences for decking products : North America Completed
Determination and Prediction of the Creep Behavior and Performance of Light Weight Hollow Core Panel under Long Term Static Loading and High Humidity Conditions New
Determine optimum processing parameters to strengthen bondlines in hardwoods Completed
Development of a high performance substrate for engineered wood flooring Completed
Development of Prototype Wooden Exterior Doors Capable of Meeting and Exceeding Mandatory Thermal Performance Requirements New
Development of Standard Tests for Serviceability of Decking Completed
Drying Performance of Tamarack Using the Superheated Steam/Vacuum Process Completed
Finishes for indoor and outdoor woods with increased chemical stability and improved weather-resistance New
Finishing Properties of Canadian Wood Species for Exterior Application Completed
High performance finishing system for windows Continuing
Impact des systèmes de finition aux UV des lames de plancher sur la formation de microfissures en surface New
Impact of Kiln drying and shipping conditions on micro checking New
Improve the Performance of Wood Decking: Profiling Completed
Improvement in wood window durability through the use of natural resins New
Improving cutting tool performance via plasma nano-deposition New
Increasing the Durability and Energy Efficiency of Wood Windows New
Increasing the Solid Wood Supply to Value-Added Manufacturers Completed
LEED Parameters for Appearance Wood Products Completed
Long-Term Performance of Engineered Wood Flooring Completed
Market and attribute trends for appearance wood products Completed
New avenues for reducing resin exudation for exterior applications New
Opportunities for Canadian wood products in appearance applications in Europe Completed
Optimization of fluoropolymer coatings for exterior applications New
Quality control and certification of thermally modified wood Completed
Reducing residual stresses in wood near the end of the drying process New
Reduction of volatile organic compound emissions for indoor wood products New
Segmenting the Canadian Consumer Landscape for Kitchen Cabinets New
Study on the Issue of Veneer Cracking in the Kitchen Cabinet and Furniture Industry New
Surface Modification to Improve Weather Resistance Completed
Treated Wood Products Opportunities in the United States Completed
Using Cold Pigments to Reduce Resin Exudation Completed
Validating the durability of thermally modified white spruce New
Validating the Durability of Thermally Modified White spruce New
Wood flooring installation practices Completed
Wood Hardening Technologies Completed

Laval University

Densified Engineered Wood Flooring for Heavy-Duty Use Completed
Development of high-performance opaque and transparent coverings for exterior applications Continuing
Improved exterior paint adhesion on white spruce wood siding Completed
Improved Wood-Plastic Composites Completed
Role of Wood-Polymer Interfaces in Value-Added Hardwood Products Completed
Validation of the DRYTEK Drying Simulation Software in an Industrial Environment New

University of British Columbia

Development of a simple test to predict the surface cracking of coatings on cabinets Completed
Development of novel hollow core composite panels Completed
Evaluating Canada’s Underutilized Species, Hybrid Poplar Completed
From forest certification to corporate responsibility: adapting to changing global competitive factors Completed
Further Development of Lightweight Sandwich Panels for Higher Requirement Applications Completed
Performance improvements of particleboard by adding nano-clay materials Completed
Reducing colour variation in stained veneer panels used by furniture and cabinet industries Completed
Reducing grain rise from waterborne finishes Completed
UBC Task 2 Reducing Colour Variation of Woods Used for Furniture and Cabinets Completed
UBC4 Optimizing the Atomization of Adhesives and Coatings for Manufacture of Composites, Cabinets and Furniture Completed

University of New Brunswick

Development of high strength, low density panels through natural fibre reinforcement Completed
Development of laminated railway ties using low grade hardwoods Completed
Improvement of Surface Properties of Low Density Wood: Mechanical Modification with Heat Treatment Completed

University of Toronto

Combined Thermal/Chemical Modification of Wood to Enhance Exterior Performance Completed
Controlled development of spalting figure in hardwoods Completed
Enhanced Value of Moderate Grade Wood through High Temperature Modification in Oil Completed
Hot oil thermally modified wood for flooring products Completed
Improve the Performance of Wood Decking: Coatings Completed
Improving the compatibility of stain finishes with treated wood Completed
Investigation of causes and methods to minimize corrosion of fasteners in copper amine treated wood Completed
Selection/separation of wood for specific value added products by NIR spectroscopy Completed
Wood Residue Availability and Markets in Canada Completed