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Structural & Non-structural Panels


Effectiveness of barriers to minimize VOC emissions, including formaldehyde - Part A Completed
Effectiveness of Barriers to Minimize VOC Emissions, Including Formaldehyde - Part B Completed
Evaluation of Fasteners Holding Capacity in Panels for Upholstered Furniture Industry Completed
Finition à base d’eau : Émanations atmosphériques des COVs en fonction des paramètres d’application New
Improving the Machineability of PB in Value-Added Wood Processing Completed
OSB Use in Furniture Manufacturing Completed
Surface Modification to Improve Weather Resistance Completed

Laval University

Characterization of Fibres for Medium-Density Fibreboard Completed
Modelling of the Lamination Process of Fiberboard and Particleboard Completed

University of British Columbia

Improving the Properties of Particleboard for Value Added Industries Completed
Roller Coating of OSB with Water-repellent and Fire-retardant Coatings Completed
Surface Quality of MDF for Value-added Industries Completed
The Use of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide as a Carrier for the Impregnation and Preservation of Wood with Organic Biocides Completed
UBC Task 1 Evaluation of short term properties of a new hybrid PSP panel made from particles and strands. Completed
UBC Task 5 UBC/UT/FPI project: Determination and Prediction of the Creep Behaviour and Performance of Light Weight Hollow Core Panel under Long Term Static Loading and High Humidity Conditions. Completed

University of New Brunswick

Development of Heat-Treated Value-added Wood Composite Panels Completed

University of Toronto

Accurate moisture and surface quality sensing for improved manufacturing control of composite wood products Completed
Processing of Low Formaldehyde MDF Using Renewable Wood Resin Completed