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Structural Wood Products


Développement d'un panneau OSB monocouche unidirectionnel comme substrat de LPI Completed
Effect of on-line tension proof parameters on the reliability of fingerjoined lumber Completed
Evaluating the Use of Inorganic Nanoparticles as Fire-resistant Agents for Wood Products New
Impact of high pH of structural adhesives on bond durability as related to development and modification of CSA O112 wood adhesive standards Completed
Improving Wood Hardness and Dimensional Stability by Densification and Impregnation Completed
Novel non-contact adhesive application system New
Potential for Increased Treated Wood Products Usage in US South Residential Construction Completed
Reduction of volatile organic compound emissions for indoor wood products New
Round robin testing of structural wood adhesives Completed
Soybean-based adhesives for formaldehyde free wood products Completed

Laval University

Characterization and Valorization of Organic Products Released from Lumber Drying Completed
Effect of moisture on performance of fastenings in wood structures Completed
High Temperature Drying Strategies For Value-Added Wood Products Completed
Optimization of black spruce wood surfacing in the manufacture of glued-laminated elements New
Validation of the DRYTEK Drying Simulation Software in an Industrial Environment New

University of British Columbia

Development of value-added massive plate building systems Completed
High-strength wood composite materials through nanotechnology Completed
Moment resistance of timber connections with perpendicular to grain reinforcements Completed
Performance of Glulam Columns Completed
Timber Drying Quality Prediction Model Completed
Wood Quality Assessment Technology for the Value-Added Industry Completed

University of New Brunswick

Avoidance of vibration problems in mid-rise buildings Completed
Development of a short finger-joint profile for structural finger-joined lumber Completed
Development of advanced system design procedures for the Canadian wood design standard Completed
High Performance Modular Wood Construction Systems Completed
Review of performance requirements for use of wood siding in mid-rise building applications Completed

University of Toronto

Impact of extreme pH of structural adhesives on bond durability Completed
Utilizing Low-Grade Wood Species in Value Added Products—Resin/Wood Interactions Completed