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Engineered Wood Products


Assessing the Market Opportunity for Treated Glued Wood Products New
Characterization of Glue Penetration and its Influence on Wood Failure and Bond Quality in Structural Wood Product Applications Completed
Development of a complementary suite of Canadian wood adhesive standards Completed
Development of fabricator/producer guidelines for producing and using fingerjoined lumber in truss applications New
Development of Standards for Edge-Glued and Face-Glued Engineered Products Completed
Effet du durcissement de l’adhésif sur la qualité du bois d’œuvre joint par entures multiples New
Finger Joint Process and Product Handbook Completed
Homebuilder Perception of Interior Wall Framing Materials Completed
Increasing Tool Performance of CNC Routers Through Online Assessment of Tool Wear Completed
Integrated protection of structural composites for exterior exposure Completed
Manufacture and testing of glulam made from laminating stock treated with copper-cobiocide preservative systems Completed
Mill Trial – Borate-treated Glulam Completed
Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Finger-Jointed Lumber: from Laboratory to Industry Application Completed
On-line non-destructive testing and evaluation system for finger-joint evaluation and control Completed
Review of Standard Test Procedures for Assessing the Delamination Resistance of Solid Wood Bondlines Completed
Special Applications of Low Grade Hardwood in Engineered Wood Products Completed
Tests for Commercial Production of Borate-treated Glulam Completed
Use of Non-Destructive test (NDT) Techniques for Quality Control of Engineered Wood Products and for Defect Detection in Wood Completed
Verification of the Key Parameters Affecting the Finger-jointing Process Completed
Wood Adhesive Standard: Commentary and Guidelines for Use Completed

University of British Columbia

Integrated Protection of Structural Composites for Exterior Exposure Completed
Procedures to qualify new constructions and species of glulam beams Completed
Size effect adjustment factor of glulam Completed

University of New Brunswick

Design Methods for Connections in Engineered Wood Structures Completed
Enhancing Shear and Bearing Strength of Wood I-joists Completed
Evaluation of Shear Strength and Percent Wood Failure Criteria for Qualifying New Structural Adhesives Completed
Glued Engineered Products Made of Red Maple Completed
Influence of OSB Web Stock Properties on Performance of Wood I-Joists Completed
Optimized Design of Wood I-Joists Completed
Performance of Mechanical Fasteners Used with Engineered Wood Products Completed
Reducing production cost in manufacturing of finger joined lumber Completed
Structural Performance of I-joists with Fingerjoined Flange Stock Lumber made using a Short Finger Joint Profile Completed

University of Toronto

Modelling of mechanical and creep behaviour of honeycomb core sandwich structures Completed