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Appearance Wood Products

Long-Term Performance of Engineered Wood FlooringCompleted

Project leaders: Blanchet, Pierre


This projects main aim is to evaluate the long term performance of wood floor substrates and their construction over a longer term. An aging schedule will be used to obtain accelerated aging data. Aging will be performed to generate fatigue in the products assessed. The assessment performed will provide knowledge on the components used in the products, especially the substrate. The substrates assessed will be those currently used by the industry but may also include other innovative products ( e.g., PSL, OSB or cement board).

Information on the nature of the process used to obtain the surface layer will be summarized. Slicing, peeling and sawing processes will be used to obtain the sugar maple wear layer on the Engineered Wood Flooring (EWF). Finally, cold set adhesive will be used to bond this component to the substrate. The adhesives considered for the project are PVA type II, polyurethane and epoxy.

The industry will be able to use the project results to choose the proper components and develop better products. This in turn will help the industry in its marketing efforts and to expand its market share. The objectives of this study are:

  • Provide information on the substrate used by the industry on a long term performance basis.
  • Assess new substrates.
  • Assess the effect of the process used to obtain the wear layer (slicing, peeling or sawing).
  • Evaluate the cold set adhesive.

For a summary of this research follow the link:


Start date: 2005-04-01 End date: 2007-03-30



For more information on this project, please contact:

Blanchet, Pierre
Email: pierre.blanchet@fpinnovations.ca
Telephone: (418) 659-2647
Fax: (418) 659-2922
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