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Appearance Wood Products

Improving the compatibility of stain finishes with treated woodCompleted

Project leaders: Cooper, Paul


The project purpose is to confirm that the value added opportunities for preservative treated wood can be enhanced over a significant time period by application of semi-transparent stain finishes by increasing the value of products for installation, extending the service life and therefore competitiveness relative to plastic lumber and reducing efficacy loss and environmental impacts attributed to leaching of preservatives. The project will involve:

  • Correlating performance of specific stains in service 2-3 years with treated wood surface characteristics and properties of the coatings
  • Continuing monitoring stains exposed in the field for 2 years for an additional year in terms of leaching, moisture content changes and colour changes and to determine when each coating fails by analyzing the leachates and identify the effect of reapplication of coating on leaching minimization and coatings service life
  •  Developing an understanding of the nature of interaction between treated wood and coatings, including coating penetration and nature of the bond with wood.

Start date: 2008-04-01 End date: 2009-03-31



For more information on this project, please contact:

Cooper, Paul
University of Toronto
Email: p.cooper@utoronto.ca
Telephone: (416) 946-5078
Fax: (416) 978-3834
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