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Appearance Wood Products

LEED Parameters for Appearance Wood ProductsCompleted

Project leaders: O'Connor, Jennifer


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles are being adopted in the design of many new building projects.  LEED is a points-based system to certify environmentally sustainable construction.  It affects not only the structure and environmental systems, but also the millwork, furniture and fixtures contained within the building.  Manufacturers of appearance wood products such as millwork and office furniture are generally unprepared for the growth of LEED specified projects.  Specific deficiencies include:

  • General knowledge of LEED principles
  • Knowledge of points application
  • Technologies and materials that are LEED compliant
  • Availability of LEED compliant materials (wood products, adhesives, and finishes)
  • Evolution of LEED

It is proposed that a LEED primer be prepared that specifically targets appearance value added wood products.  This publication would address the above knowledge gaps.  This primer would serve as a LEED interpretation manual for appearance wood products.  As LEED evolves and new information becomes available it can be issued in the above trends report.

Start date: 2007-04-02 End date: 2008-03-31



For more information on this project, please contact:

O'Connor, Jennifer
Email: jennifer.oconnor@fpinnovations.ca
Telephone: (604) 224-3221
Fax: (604) 222-5690
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