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UBC Task 5 UBC/UT/FPI project: Determination and Prediction of the Creep Behaviour and Performance of Light Weight Hollow Core Panel under Long Term Static Loading and High Humidity Conditions.Completed

Project leaders: Smith, Gregory, Deng, James


A) Long Term Goals and Objectives

The objectives of the project are to: (i) develop a systematic and comprehensive test procedures to evaluate the
quality of Kraft paper honeycomb sandwich panels in terms of delamination of the skin materials from the core
and overall performance when exposed to high humidity environments; (ii) investigate the effect of different
process parameters and panel structure on these issues; (iii) create a computer model using finite element
method (FEM) coupled with fluid transport to provide mechanistic understanding of the test results and provide
guidelines for better panel design, (iv) identify the interrelationship between the long terms and short term
properties of panels, including delamination and high humidity, and (v) to transfer this technology to industry
through on site meetings.

Start date: 2011-04-01 End date: 2012-04-01



For more information on this project, please contact:

Smith, Gregory
University of British Columbia
Email: gdsmith@interchange.ubc.ca
Telephone: (604) 822-0081
Fax: (604) 822-9104
Deng, James
Email: james.deng@fpinnovations.ca
Telephone: (418) 659-2647
Fax: (418) 659-2922
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