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Characterizing White Birch for Increased and Optimized UseCompleted

Project leaders: Duchesne, Isabelle


White birch is a resource available all across Canada., but presently, its use is limited and value recovery is low. The limited uses have not been fully developed. There is a need for detailed characterization of the resource and the development of adapted technology that will enable efficient lumber conversion for different wood-based products. More efficient management and utilization of this valuable resource will contribute significantly to the development and diversification of the hardwood industry as well as to the economic well-being of many communities across Canada.

This feasibility project will determine knowledge gaps about white birch characteristics, process technology and sales opportunities. As the gaps will be studied by province, they could be different from one province to another. After the gaps are identified by all Value to Wood research partners, a research strategy will be proposed. 

  • increase and optimize white birch utilization across Canada.

Start date: 2004-04-01 End date: 2005-05-01



For more information on this project, please contact:

Duchesne, Isabelle
Email: isabelle.duchesne@fpinnovations.ca
Telephone: (418) 659-2647
Fax: (418) 659-2922
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