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Technical Advice
Direct Help from FPInnovations Specialists

To deliver the Value to Wood Technology Transfer program, Industry Advisors from FPInnovations are located in different regions of the country - British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, Québec and New Brunswick (covering the Atlantic Provinces) - to provide technical assistance to all types of value-added wood product facilities.

If you are a Canadian value-added wood product manufacturer, FPInnovations' Industry Advisors are there for you. Their expertise is offered to improve products, to optimise manufacturing processes, to select new equipment, to examine new market opportunities or to increase value and profitability. They can also provide customized in-plant technical support and training. In addition to their own competencies in the wood conversion business, one of their key advantages is to have direct access to all other FPInnovations specialists, from across the country, and to be part of a network of wood experts, within Canada and around the world. This allows them to provide the specific support you need, when you need it! Beyond a certain level of technical support required, the manufacturer will have to cover some costs.

Whether you want to know more about a topic or need direct technical assistance for your operations, you can reach an FPInnovations Industry Advisor by sending a Technical Support Request. Your request will be addressed as quickly as possible, by the most appropriate specialist for your business and region.

You can also contact a Value to Wood co-ordinator:

Torsten Lihra (East)
319, rue Franquet, Québec, QC
G1P 4R4
Tel: 418 659-2647
Fax: 418 659-2922
Roland Baumeister (West)
2665 East Mall, Vancouver, BC
V6T 1W5
Tel: 604 224-3221
Fax: 604 222-5690