Number 26 - October 2012


Webinar Announcement - Two Great Value To Wood Webinars Coming this Fall!

Two very timely and valuable webinars are being held this fall and available both in English and French.

The first looks at the growth of mid-rise wood frame construction and its impact on the use of non-structural wood products such as flooring, mouldings and doors. By analyzing past finished wood products use in wood-frame and concrete buildings in Canada and the US, an early picture of what the market potential for higher value wood products emerges. Join in on this webinar on November 21st or 22nd.

The next webinar in December looks at how increasing the performance of exterior wood products can open up new market opportunities. One of the main ways to increase woods’ performance is through the use of more durable coatings.

FPInnovations has been investigating the benefit of water-based fluoro-acrylic coatings, and water-based acrylic coatings containing cool (IR-reflective) pigments. These products have been shown to enhance the natural features of wood and limit resin exudation and premature drying.

Watch your email inbox for the invitations for these two valuable and timely webinars.

If you missed any of the past webinars, you can download the presentations and listen to the audio clip by following this link.









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